Saturday, September 30, 2006

Ayesha Takia refuses to Kiss!

Nagesh Kukunoor's Dor has opened well across the country and going by director's testimony Ayesha Takia has been a revelation in his film.According to him, at first, he was stunned when somebody suggested Ayesha's name for the role. But he knew that Naseer did cast her in his movie, he thought there must be something to her. "I watched some scenes from Socha Na Tha, and she emerged as a really natural actress. What really did it for me were the emotions on her face. She's fantastic. I'm sure Tabu and Juhi would have given powerhouse performances, but I think, in this story, the only way to create empathy is to keep the character younger," he gushes. Apparently floored by Takia, Nagesh offered her a role in his next film but we hear that she has refused the film as there's a kiss was involved in it. According to insiders, Ayesha loved the script but given its kissing situation she has no option but to reject the offer. But this is not the first time she had rejected any movie on the similar grounds. Ayesha also gave thumbs down to Yash Raj's ‘Neil N Nikki’ as she was adamant not to kiss on screen. But still Nagesh is full of praise for Ayesha. "It comes as a pleasant surprise to see a two-year old in the industry trying her hand at a new genre. At a time, when she is not even considered a bankable star to sell an art house product, her decision to act in a de-glamorised set up is laudatory," he exclaims. Way to go Miss Takia!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Glamour is fictional, says Ayesha Takia

Mumbai, Sep 16 (IANS) Actress Ayesha Takia, who has a city-bred-girl-next-door image in Bollywood, sports a de-glam look in 'Dor' and says people should focus on her character than her appearance.
'There's a lot more to my character in 'Dor' than the de-glam look. I'm playing a village girl in the film and my character required no make-up. A woman living in Rajasthan will obviously be portrayed in that manner.'

Friday, September 22, 2006

Bollywood: Ayesha Takia escapes death during Dor stunt

Bollywood actress Ayesha Takia escaped a near fatal accident while doing a stunt for her latest film ‘Dor.’ The mishap left the ‘Tarzan- The Wonder Car’ actress on the railway actress, next to an inward bound running train.
Nagesh Kukunoor’s forthcoming film, Dor’s shooting was taking place in Jisamgarh, a village station in Rajasthan. Ayesha Takia, 21, who is playing a married woman’s character, agreed to perform a daring stunt for an important scene. The executive producer, Elahe said, “It was a train sequence and Ayesha had to run alongside the train. She was running on the platform. Suddenly, we couldn’t see Ayesha any more. We all thought that Ayesha must have come under the train.”

Ayesha Takia finds a brother in Nagesh Kukunoor

Actress Ayesha Takia and filmmaker Nagesh Kukunoor bonded real well during the making of Dor .He may have been very strict with her and the other actors on the sets of ‘Dor’, but Nagesh did develop a special fondness for Ayesha Takia while making the film.

So much that Nagesh asked Ayesha to become his rakhi sister. Ayesha says she was taken aback when she heard it first. But once Nagesh’s proposal sank in, she became emotional because she does not have a brother in real life.Incidentally, the film was being shot in the days when the festival of Raksha Bandhan comes. So, Nagesh and Ayesha had a formal Rakhi ceremony.Nagesh, Ayesha and her family met at Ayesha’s boyfriend Farhan’s restaurant Basilico in Bandra. They all had dinner after which Ayesha tied Rakhi to Nagesh. In return he gifted her some money (as is the custom) and lots of blessings.Ayesha says it was quite an emotional moment for her and Nagesh. She also vows to keep tying Rakhi to him in the coming years. It is also coincidental that the film that has brought them together is called ‘Dor’.The movie is slated to release this Friday. Ayesha has just returned from Bangkok after the shoot of another movie called 'De Taali'. She is now getting busy in the promotion of ‘Dor’.‘Dor’ is a story of two women whose lives are invariably strung together in a strange way. The film has Ayesha playing a Rajasthani girl who lives contently amid the patriarchal, strict traditions of a Rajput family. The second actress in the film is Gul Panag who plays an independent, confident woman from Himachal Pradesh.Kukunoor calls ‘Dor’ his most challenging movie till date.